Alfa Romeo Upcycled Hoodie Black White One-of-a-kind-M


We Take Officially Licensed Formula 1 fanwear made by Puma, Castore and other Suppliers and Re-imagine it !

Excess Made Good. Strikingly different. Insanely sustainable. This Refried item is unique as is our DNA.


Refried represents a beautiful solution to surplus inventory. With our innovative upcycling methods, we transform unsold clothing into stylish apparel that's as unique as it is sustainable - and we do it right here in the USA!

We turn fashion waste into fashion forward, nimbly sidestepping landfills and reducing harmful carbon emissions from incinerators - a key factor in climate change. And with every product created, we're conserving natural resources by eliminating the environmental impact of typical manufacturing processes.

Our design approach is refreshing, exciting and without boundaries. Unlike other brands, our process is fueled exclusively by the wide assortment of materials that we rescue and a creative process that's unstoppable. All Refried products are handcrafted producing a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal.

we are completely dedicated to building a lifestyle brand that's beyond compare by extending the life of usable material in innovative and fashionable ways.

We hope you'll join us on our journey and Dare to be Unique.