About Us

Lowsport has been in the officially Licensed Fanwear business for over 30 years.

Gary M. Low is the founder. In his earlier career he started Speedgear.com which sold licensed products from Formula 1 and Indy Racing. The brands included Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Penske, and Newman Haas. Everything was of the highest quality and details. He also started RhinoRugbyusa.com.  

Gary and his family are huge hockey fans. As a 19 year old college kid, Gary was lucky enough to attend the Miracle on Ice Game and Gold Medal game in Lake placid at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Gary would not return to Lake Placid for 37 years and went up in 2017 for a rugby event. He got a tour of the Herb Brooks 1980 rink, bobsled track, and ski Jumps. He saw there was a sign for the Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp. Gary was able to get involved and made the 1980 Jersey as a fantastic hoody for all the 1980 players, camp attendees, and staff. The hoody was a huge success because of the amazing fabric and details. USA Hockey then licensed Lowsport to sell the hoodies online and to shops. Following the hoody – all the other products that you see on this website were produced. 

Lowsport then to took their success and got licensed by the Jamaica Bobsled 1988 Team, Herb Brooks Foundation, Shelby American, and Colin Carter Formula 1 racing artist.  

Enjoy our products from some of the most famous moments in Sports History!